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Up for Debate

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The Maple League Prepares U4 Advocacy

On February 10th and 11th, 2017 join the members of The Maple League – Acadia, Bishop’s, Mount Allison, and St. Francis Xavier – in an exploration about how higher education should support students as they become global citizens. The Maple League schools are united in a shared vision that promotes social justice and human rights for all members of the community.

The weekend promises to be stimulating, thought provoking and delightful. There will be a plenary speaker, a student debate tournament, a Business CASE Competition, a series of receptions, and TEDxBishopsU, a multidisciplinary event that will feature speakers drawn from the talented pool of students, faculty, alumni, community members, and staff from the four universities. Each talk will focus on an aspect of advocacy, which can take many forms. You can be an advocate for a principle or set of beliefs, for a cause or group, for an ideal or philosophy. It can also include being an ally or a champion. Advocacy can include (but is not limited to) championing human rights, the pursuit of social justice, providing support or resources for the voiceless or marginalized, etc.

Up for Debate Schedules:

Come out for TEDx and stay for an incredible opportunity to connect with Bob Rae, a leader in provincial and federal politics for the past 40 years. He has generously agreed to talk to us about immigration issues and host a Q&A, and then he will participate in the Luminaries Debate — with Dr. Andrea Drumheller against Mark Labenski (BU debate coach) and Doug Mitchell (BU alumnus and lawyer) — on the topic of fake news. We have no doubt it will be illuminating, playful, and informative.

February 10th, 7:00 PM in Centennial Theatre:

Saturday 11th, 2:00 PM in Bandeen Hall:

  • TEDxBishopsU: Faculty and students delivering TEDx talks on the theme of advocacy
  • Luminaries Debate and a Q&A with Bob Rae in Bandeen immediately following TEDxBishopsU

A little side note: Mother Nature has thrown us a curveball, and the bus coming from the Maritimes — with student debaters, faculty coaches, business students, and TEDx speakers — has been cancelled due to terrible storm. However, thanks to our incredible telepresence rooms — virtual reality technology classrooms on each of the four campuses — we will beam the debaters into these classrooms. The debates will be lively and rigorous — and technology will help us put the presence into telepresence. These classrooms are being used to teach specially designed seminar classes throughout the term, and we will put them to good use this weekend.

NB. Due to this adjustment, the debates will no longer be taking place in McGreer.

Saturday, Feb. 11th 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM (PDF)
Saturday, Feb. 11th 2:00-4:00 PM (PDF)

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

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