The Mitre

The Mitre

The Mitre 2017

The Mitre is an annual, student-run publication which accepts all forms of written and visual creative expression. It is currently accepting submissions for its 125th edition. Students (current and past), staff, faculty, and community members are invited to submit their work to by December 15, 2017.

Please limit prose to 2500 words, and poetry to 150 lines. Multiple submissions are welcome, and visual art is highly coveted.

This year’s theme: Finding our Footing

This year’s edition will explore our experiences with place, displacement, and the complicated formation of home. What does it mean to feel lost, or grounded? How do we find, define, or create “home” out of places, people, or objects? We’d like to hear Bishop’s travel stories, our migratory histories, and our conversations with the land we live and learn on.

About the editor

Rosemin NathooRosemin Nathoo started to study environmental biology and natural resource management when she realized that she couldn’t sit still. At Bishop’s, she is in her final year of a BSc (Honours) in Biology, with two minors in Physics and English Literature. She makes a consistent effort to root the abstract land of literature into the physical world – and vice versa – even if the best she can do is read Pynchon in a tree.