Bishop’s University Film Festival (BUFF)

Bishop’s University Film Festival (BUFF)

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The Bishop’s University Film Festival (BUFF) celebrates and publicizes the creativity and skill of Bishop’s students, no matter what program they are in, through an annual competition in digital filmmaking. Students submit short films, which are screened publicly at our gala in late March and presented with a variety of awards, as chosen by our panel of four judges (including representatives of the SRC, senior university administration, and the film industry).

BUFF has run for the last two academic years with great success. You can see most of the films from the last two years on our Youtube Channel.

A selection of BUFF films is presented at the Festival Cinéma du Monde de Sherbrooke held annually in April, and one BUFF film (selected by the BUFF executive) competes in the student competition at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal in October.


For its upcoming, third year, we are making BUFF bigger and more inclusive than ever and integrating it with the Canada 150 celebrations and events that will be happening nationally and globally. The winner of our Canada 150 prize will win a trip to Dublin, Ireland, in May 2017 to present their film there at University College, Dublin.


Films will have their public, big-screen debuts at our Gala Screening and Awards Show on 1st April, 2017. Come out to this red-carpet event to see the films and be seen with the stars. Witness the inflating of egos and the making of careers as our illustrious panel of judges names the best work in many categories. Complimentary refreshments and a vote for the “Audience Choice” award are included with your ticket, available for $5 at Doolittle’s from March 6th. Seating is very limited, so get your tickets early.


There are numerous ways for you to get involved with BUFF:

1) Come up with you own idea for a film, gather together your cast and crew from your pool of talented pals, and get that thing in the can before the deadline for submission in early March.

2) Volunteer as part of the cast or crew for a film. We’ll be holding a networking event in the fall so that you can meet like-minded people and connect with filmmakers who are looking for help.

3) Make a film for a class and submit it as part of the festival.  Hey, you get double credit!  Some instructors are designing assignments involving making a film for Canada 150. We’re also hoping to offer ENG 383 Digital Filmmaking in the Winter 2017 term, a course in which you’ll develop filmmaking skills and apply them to the making of a number of short movies, one of which you can then submit to BUFF.

4) Join the BUFF organizing committee.  Every year, a group of students organizes and overseas the BUFF competition, designing promotional materials, finding sponsors, crafting our unique BUFF awards, and planning the gala.  If you’d like to be involved, contact Dr. Brophy or Dr. Woodward.

All student filmmakers who are making a film for BUFF should fill out the registration form and submit it to Dr. Gregory Brophy, Morris House 3, by January 20th, 2017. The form, along with a comprehensive list of rules and restrictions, can be found above or by request from Dr. Brophy or Dr. Woodward.

All films must be submitted in person before the March deadline (to be announced shortly), following this procedure:

  1. Transfer your film to a USB key or DVD
  2. In a document on the USB key or DVD, include:
    • The director’s name
    • The film title
    • A short (under 50-word) description of the film
  3. Bring the USB key or DVD to Morris 2.

Registration Form (PDF)


In order to ensure that your film plays smoothly at the Gala screening, it is recommended that you use the following settings when exporting your film.

Recommended Settings

Codec: H.264
Frame rate: under 30 FPS
Bit rate: Under 20 megabits/second
Resolution: At most 1920 x 1080 px
File size: Max 2Gb

Exporting Instructions

FINAL CUT PRO Exporting Instructions:

  • Press “Cmd+E” to export your movie through Quicktime
  • Name the file and choose the Save Location
  • Select the Setting “HDV – 720p24″
  • Click SAVE

PREMIERE PRO Exporting Instructions:

  • Click “File>Export>Media”
  • Change the Format “Quicktime” to “H.264″
  • Select the Preset “Vimeo HD”
  • Name the file and click EXPORT

Questions about the competition should be directed to

BUFF 2016 Winners:

We had more prizes in more categories for our 2016 festival, with these winners and nominees:

Best Narrative Film:  THE DINNER, Julian Dawson
Other nominees: HOSTAGE, Nathaniel Rae; THE COLLEGE BACHELOR, Will O’Connell

Best Non-Narrative Film:  FORALSKAD, Benjamin Tracy and Penelope Lafaille Mathieu
Other nominees: MACRO NIKE, Louine Niwa; OUT OF, Connor Richter

Best Editing: FORALSKAD, Benjamin Tracy
Other nominees: HOSTAGE, Nathaniel Rae: THE VISITOR, Peter Haddad

Best Cinematography:  HOSTAGE, Benjamin Tracy
Other nominees:  THE DINNER, Julian Dawson; THE COLLEGE BACHELOR, Tyvisjaky Vena

Best Female Actor:  BETTER, Caitlyn Thomas
Other nominees:  THE DINNER, Laura Alessandrini;  THE DINNER, Emily Madinsky

Best Male Actor:  THE DINNER, Justin Krawczyk
Other nominees: HOSTAGE, Daniel Ganze; THE VISITOR, Shawn Giannone

Best Screenplay:  THE COLLEGE BACHELOR, Will O’Connell
Other nominees:   HOSTAGE, Nathaniel Rae; THE DINNER, Julian Dawson

Best Director:  THE DINNER, Julian Dawson
Other nominees:  HOSTAGE, Nathaniel Rae;  FORALSKAD, Benjamin Tracy

Audience Choice: HOSTAGE, Nathaniel Rae
Other nominees:  OUT OF, Connor Richter; THE COLLEGE BACHELOR, Will O’Connell

The BUFF Committee congratulates the winners and heartily thanks all of those filmmakers who contributed to this event. Thanks also to our generous sponsors, the Brûlerie Faro and LowePro.

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youTube-color   You can see the films for yourself on YouTube.

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Don’t be left out of this event in the future. We invite all Bishop’s students, in any program, to consider making a film for this year’s BUFF.