Bishop’s e-Portfolio Mentorship Project 2017-2018

Bishop’s e-Portfolio Mentorship Project 2017-2018

If you are looking for a way to manage the many challenges of your Bishop’s experience with ease – your academic, career and life goals, your studies, your extracurricular activities, your schedule, your exam preparation and much more – sign up for the e-Portfolio project. The project is designed for students in any year, in any university program, and it’s free!

What is an e-Portfolio and what can it do for me?

An e-Portfolio is a tool that helps you monitor and record your activities and your progress as a university student. A mentor will work with you to create your portfolio, something you may want to build on as you move toward your degree. Your e-Portfolio can take many forms and can have multiple purposes. Students in the past have designed their portfolios to suit their individual goals and have used them in a range of ways, including:

  • Organizing, managing and refining their academic work,
  • Setting career and life goals and tracking their progress toward these goals,
  • Creating a realistic schedule for study, recreation and work,
  • Displaying their various extra-curricular projects in a creative format,
  • Exchanging ideas and feedback with their peers about academic work and other projects,
  • Enhancing their résumés,
  • Supporting job and scholarship applications,
  • Documenting the different aspects of their university lives as they work toward graduation.

What does a mentor do?

When you sign up, you’ll be assigned a mentor who can help you create an e-Portfolio to organize the many aspects of your busy life as a student. The mentors who participate in the project can listen, offer advice, and guide you through the steps to set and meet your goals as they work with you to shape your e-Portfolio. All the mentors have study, life, and professional experience, and therefore are well positioned to assist you. They will help you through the process of documenting your pathway to a successful semester.

While work on the e-Portfolio usually takes place online, and your interactions with your mentor generally happen on an online platform (Mahara), the mentors are available to meet with you in person as you begin the project and throughout the process when necessary. They also encourage interaction among participants in their mentor group as an additional way to support the development of your e-Portfolio, so you can benefit from the experience of your peers as well.

How do I sign up to participate in the e-Portfolio project?

Signing up is easy! Just contact to indicate your intention to participate in the project. You’ll get a quick response and you’ll be put in touch with a mentor right away who will contact you with information about how to proceed.

What do previous participants say about the e-Portfolio project and about working with a mentor?

Students who participated in the project were very positive about the experience of working with a mentor to achieve their goals and appreciative of the support provided through the mentor-student interaction. Please see the testimonials below, from some of the students who participated in the project during the 2016-2017 year:

Simone Goloven, 4th year - Education/PsychologySimone Goloven

“Between work, school, extra-curriculars and fun, it can be tough to keep up with it all. e-Portfolio has been an extremely valuable tool in helping me plan out my day to day life and keeping me organized so that I can stay on top of my responsibilities and still make time for fun.”
Simone Goloven, 4th year – Education/Psychology

Shak Hoque: 1st year - BusinessShak Hoque

“My mentor helped me to structure my study time and keep me accountable for it.”
Shak Hoque: 1st year – Business

Eva Perreault-GagnonEva Perreault-Gagnon

“I have studied drama in Cegep. After all these years I was sure I wanted to pursue drama as a career but lately I am starting to have doubts about that choice. My mentor showed me, by his example, how the skills and knowledge I am acquiring in the drama program can be applied to other career streams in design, education, media and psychology, as well as the performing arts.”
Eva Perreault-Gagnon, 1st year – Drama