Williams School of Business

Prof. Mike Teed teaching a class

À Bishop’s, nous sommes en affaires.

Williams School of Business Students Take on the World.

Studying Business Administration at Bishop’s means a hands-on, experiential business education. Solve real-life marketing dilemmas, devise innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for local companies and start building your own business network, all while studying in the Williams School of Business. Our case-format courses and seminars as well as our interactive classroom settings provide a unique opportunity for students to discover their strengths and transform their weaknesses as they hone their presentation and writing skills in a supportive learning environment.

Choosing a university is a lot like finding the right job.
It's all about the fit.
Dr. Michael Teed

Program Highlights:

WSB has a long streak of first places finished at NIBS case competitions

  • SEED Portfolio: upper-year Finance students manage more than a half million dollar investment portfolio.
  • Business students participate in a vast array of case competitions in all fields of study.
  • Co-operative education allows students to alternate work and study, receive a competitive salary, and build their professional network.
  • Small interactive classes where students have the opportunity to engage on an informal level with fellow classmates and professors inside and outside of the classroom.
  • More than 80% of classes are taught by full-time tenured professors.
  • 50% of our professors come from 9 countries other than Canada making our faculty complement a truly international one.