Williams School of Business

Dr. Calin Valsan

Welcome to the Williams School of Business (WSB), a learning place built on a human scale and with a human touch.

At the WSB we teach.  We focus on undergraduate business education and strong academic standards.  Our highly educated, internationally experienced faculty cherish being in the classroom.  Whether you choose to pursue the more specialized BBA or the more general BA Major in Business, you will prepare for a global workplace.  These programs are designed to impart general knowledge, professional skills, critical reasoning, leadership, good working habits, and strong ethical principles.

At the WSB you are empowered.  You will become the best that you can be, that is, accomplished business professionals, holding transferable competencies in order to function well in various roles and at various levels within any organization, as managers, entrepreneurs, or specialists.  You might not realize it yet, but you are already are the leaders of tomorrow, ready to operate in a diverse and changing social environment.

At the WSB we build character.  You will live and work in a complex and evolving world wherein everything is intricately linked in ways that transcend geography, administrative boundaries, and social norms.  You will become sensitive to and comfortable with cultural and social diversity.  You will learn how to work cooperatively to keep our globalized economy and society moving forward.

At the WSB we build reputation.  We have been doing this very well for over 50 years, and will continue to do it.  We are poised to become one of the most reputable undergraduate business schools in Canada and North America.  To this end, we need your commitment and dedication, so please join us in making our WSB an ongoing success story.

Calin Valsan

Discover The Williams School of Business

The Williams School of Business (WSB) at Bishop's University is dedicated to providing a high-quality undergraduate business education within the liberal arts tradition of the university. Students may work towards one of two degrees: a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a major in business. The BA major in business is ideal for those who wish to combine their business studies with a different subject. The BBA offers the most in-depth approach to business studies, with several concentrations for specialization.


BBA Concentrations at Bishop’s:

The WSB also encourages students to develop an international awareness of different business practices and cultures. Students have the opportunity to participate in an exchange program that allows them to study abroad for up to one year at any partner university in over 20 countries worldwide.

The WSB offers a Co-operative Education programme which combines a student's academic programme with integrated work experiences through full-time work terms and regular academic sessions. The work terms are designed to present the students with the opportunity to blend theory and practice and to gain relevant work experience.

Why study Business at Bishop's?

The WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS is accredited with:
The Network of International Business Schools

Small class sizes allow faculty to ensure that all students get involved in the learning process. Students are also encouraged to participate in class from their very first business courses, allowing them to develop both their ideas and self-confidence. Teaching approaches include lectures, case formats and seminars. Students develop presentation and writing skills and are required to work both individually and as part of small teams. Computing skills are developed in an interactive computer laboratory dedicated to business students.

The WSB has a very active commerce society, which encourages and enables students to become involved in a variety of business-related activities outside the classroom. The school regularly sponsors student’s further professional development on applied projects within the community, business case competitions, workshops, conferences, and events nationally and internationally. Over the years, WSB students have won several business student competitions and placed high in many others.

Program strengths

  • Variety of courses available
  • Professors with business experience, training and engagement
  • Dynamic classes with practical work and student involvement
  • A long-standing, recognized business degree within one of Canada’s oldest and most revered universities

Popular courses

  • BMG 323 Interpersonal Skills
  • BMG 324 Management of Innovation
  • BMK 362 Sports Marketing
  • BMK 350 Marketing Strategies for Environmental Sustainability
  • BHR 316 Organizational Conflict and Negotiation
  • BAC 331 Taxation I
  • BMG 221 Business Law

Did you know ?

  • 89% of students would choose Bishop's again.
  • 85.1% found the experience outside the classroom very good to excellent
People at BU
  • Alexander McKelvie '99

    McKelvie is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, one of the top-ranked universities in Entrepreneurship in the US. He earned his PhD in 2007 from Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. He has published widely in leading entrepreneurship and management journals on topics concerning new firm growth and innovation. In 2008, he received the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) best doctoral dissertation award within the field of Entrepreneurship as well as a 'Research Promise' Award from the Academy of Management.  Alex says, "BU was a huge factor in my development. I believe that BUs teaching philosophy on critical thinking and challenging the status quo really has helped me to ask more interesting research questions and bring in new approaches to understanding problems".