Governance and administration

Governance and administration

The Statutes of Bishop’s University, adopted by the Corporation in 2010, created the Board of Governors and set out the roles and responsibilities of the Board and of Senate in the bicameral governance structure of the University.

Under our statutes, the Senate governs the academic work and life of the University, and prepares and recommends academic plans and policies. The Board oversees strategic direction and overall performance, ensures accountability for the management of human, physical, financial and information resources, and appoints the Officers of the University, including the Chancellor and the Principal and Vice-Chancellor.

The Senate and the Board of Governors each have standing committees through which their work is carried out. Ad hoc committees are struck from time to time to deal with particular issues. The mandate and composition of the seven standing committees of the Board of Governors are set out in the Statutes. Standing committees dealing with academic matters are established by the Senate, in some cases under Senate policies.

There are also independent committees in the university, which are either required by law or which deal with matters that fall under the jurisdiction of both the Senate and the Board of Governors. Among the independent committees are:

  • the Animal Care and Biosafety Committee, established under the policies of the Canadian Council on Animal Care, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency;
  • the Joint Health and Safety Committee, established under the Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety; and
  • the Pension Committee for the Pension Plan for Full-Time Employees, established under the Supplemental Pension Plans Act.

In the following sections, we invite you to review our university statutes, learn more about our Board of Governors and our various committees, discover our University Senate, and meet the members of the Bishop’s University leadership team. We encourage you to take some time to explore these pages, and we hope that they will provide you with valuable insight into the leadership structure that surrounds and supports our beloved university.

University Statutes, Board of Governors and Committees

University Statutes


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